About the blog

This blog is a record of poems I’ve come across that have inspired me to write my own poems, and take my writing in new directions. For me, they are signposts. The blog posts are not reviews, but simply point out some of the great features of the chosen poems, in the hope that they’ll inspire you to write, too.


About me and my publications

This is me. Below the picture are some links to some of my poetry which has been published online and details of publications in print and online.

Sussex SticksIMG_7912_preview


This is also me! Performing the Happy Bus:


Photo: Sam Fentiman-Hall, at Roundabout Nights, Chatham

Reading/performing Rat a tat tat from ‘The Happy Bus’ at Roundabout Nights, Chatham, February 2018:



The Ward

My poetry pamphlet, published by Paper Swans Press May 2018:


You can buy it here:


The Ward has the effect of walking down a psychiatric ward corridor, opening each door to a patient of nurse who has something to say. It helps describe the experience of being and nursing a patient with mental illness.

I am currently taking bookings to come and read/perform poems from The Ward, followed by a question and answer session. This is proving popular with universities teaching clinical staff and fits very well with modules relating to patient narratives. You can contact me via the “Contact” tab on this website.


The Happy Bus

My pamphlet, published September 2017:



(Hint – hover over the Lulu.com home page and it often comes up with a discount code!)

I also have twenty copies of The Happy Bus which I’m selling to raise money for my street dog campaign: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/poundforahound.  The pamphlets cost £5.00 each plus 74p postage and packing in the UK.  You can contact me on the “Contact” tab.

The back cover blurb reads:

“Louisa Campbell, a former mental health nurse, grew up coping with her childhood by dissociating: splitting off difficult experiences into different parts of her personality. She writes as adult and child, therapist and patient, and even as a dog, as she charts the bumpy ride from dissociation, through anger, depression and anxiety to clarity, peace and joy. She hopes anyone who has had to lock away painful emotions might find something useful within the lines of her poems. She lives in Kent, England.”

I am currently taking bookings to come and perform The Happy Bus. This is a lively twenty-minute performance/reading involving audience participation (we have a go at mindfulness, scare away anxiety, etc.). This would be suitable for small groups of people experiencing anxiety and depression, adult survivors of childhood abuse, or just those who fancy a bit of cheering up. You can contact me about this via the “Contact” tab on this website.


Individual poems published online:

Beads – Louisa Campbell


Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue Three



Louisa Campbell /Wibbly Wobbly Up the Lamp Post/


We don’t know what to do with the dead things – by Louisa Campbell



South Downs Poetry Festival: bonus tracks…Sarah Miles and Louisa Campbell







and a collaborative poem with Ira Lightman:

Louisa Campbell and Ira Lightman /Accept the Diagnosis/


Printed literary magazines:

My poetry also appears in the print magazines: Acumen 87, Prole 22 and 25, Obsessed with Pipework 78 and 81, and The Interpreter’s House 65, The North 60


#MeToo anthology:



Poetry Competition Success:

Bridport Prize shortlist 2016

South Downs Poetry Festival 2017 – Commended


Short stories:



Literally Stories 2nd Anniversary


https://riggwelterpress.wordpress.com/blog/  #3




In Print:





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