I’m not about to try and teach you how to write poetry and I am not a clever, or accomplished poet (sorry). I believe I’m on the right path, though. In my first year of writing poetry (2016), I was longlisted for the Bridport Prize and had poems accepted for publication in six e-zines and one print literary magazine. This blog is to act as a resource for the poems that have helped and are helping me to write poetry. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all the poems you should read, nor is it intended to replace or supersede anything already written about these poems. These are poems that have inspired me to write and I’ll try to explain why for each one. For me, these poems are signposts.

This is me, looking very happy. In fact, this is how I look when someone’s liked one of my poems. Below the picture are some links to some of my poetry which has been published online.



Three Drops from a Cauldron: Issue Three



Louisa Campbell /Wibbly Wobbly Up the Lamp Post/


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